Venus Express

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Launched in Nov. 2005, Venus Express will reach its target in April 2006. Dr. Suzanne Traub-Metlay discusses the cloud-shrouded planet, the mission, and the future prospects of the European Space Agency.

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Dr. Suzanne Metley


After obtaining a B.A. in History and Science from Harvard University in 1986, Suzanne earned her doctorate in geology and planetary science from the University of Pittsburgh in 1993. Having volunteered for U.S. Senator Harris Wofford's regional office in Pittsburgh, Suzanne was privileged to work in the Florida Governor's Office of Planning & Budgeting from 1994-1996. When she moved to Colorado in 1996, Suzanne tried corporate life but found that she far preferred teaching at a community college and in 1999 became part-time faculty at Metropolitan State College of Denver, Front Range Community College (FRCC) and CU-Boulder. As Education Programs Manager for University of Colorado at Boulder from 2004-08, Suzanne coordinated educational opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students, K-12 students and teachers. She also helped produce scientifically accurate and publicly accessible planetarium shows aligned with state and national education standards. Suzanne presented often at professional conferences and frequently gave presentations in the Boulder area about European and Asian space programs as well as the need for increased private entrepreneurship in space. In 2001, Suzanne decided to focus her teaching on FRCC only and was thrilled to be named Master Part-Time Instructor at FRCC-Boulder, where she taught astronomy, geology and geography. From 2001-2003, Suzanne also joined the student services staff and served as School District Project Coordinator for FRCC classes taught at local area high schools. For textbook publisher Prentice-Hall, Suzanne wrote a textbook supplement in 2001 and created content for websites regarding world regional geography in 2002 and 2004.