About Us

Who are we?

The Longmont Astronomical Society is a non-profit amateur astronomy club based in Longmont, Colorado. The club was founded in 1987 by people enthused about astronomy and who were looking for an avenue to share their enthusiasm with others of like interest. Since then the club's membership has grown to over 100 (both families and individuals) that embody all levels of experience and interest. Membership in the L.A.S. is open to all people of any age and membership dues (covering the entire family) are $20 per year. These dues are prorated during the first year depending on what part of the year you join as follows: Jan-March-$20, April-June- $15, July-September-$10, and October-December-$5

What do we do?

The Longmont Astronomical Society's main goal is to promote local amateur astronomy. This is accomplished through regular monthly meetings, star parties and public observing sessions. Regular meetings are held every month (except December) on the third Thursday. The current location is at the IHop Restaurant, 2040 Ken Pratt Boulevard in Longmont. Meetings are open to the public and begin at 7:00 PM. A group of us have dinner at the IHop before the meeting around 6 pm.  A broad spectrum of topics is covered at the meetings and include such things as making your own telescope, deep sky observing, imaging, equipment demonstrations and astrophotography just to name a few. These subjects are presented by both club members as well as special guests who are professionals in their individual fields of vocation.

What are star parties?

In basic form, a star party is an informal gathering of people with one purpose in mind: to observe astronomical phenomena. Attendance is always optional and groups can be as small as two or as large as 30. Many members bring their own telescopes and related observing equipment, but one doesn't have to own any kind of telescope to enjoy an L.A.S. star party. Members are eager to share their knowledge and celestial views with both newcomers and experienced observers alike. Star parties are also an excellent place to learn about the night sky and to discover the types of views diverse astronomical instruments provide. Of course, as any astronomer knows, star parties are highly weather dependent and we have yet to devise a telescope that can see through clouds! What do we offer? Membership in the Longmont Astronomical Society offers the opportunity to expand your horizons in the science of astronomy. Through the monthly meetings, star parties and general camaraderie of members much can be gained. The club also publishes a monthly newsletter that includes informative articles from members, a calendar of events, a monthly star chart and maps to star party locations. Additionally, the L.A.S. also offers access to observing hardware. The club currently owns several telescopes which are available for members to checkout.

If you are interested...

You may download our brochure here.  If learning more about the wonderful science of astronomy sounds appealing you may apply online. If you would like more information, you may contact (via email) one of the club officers listed on the main home page. You can also contact the club by writing to the postal address shown below. If you'd like to join and become a club member, annual dues may also be sent to this address. As an alternative, dues can be given directly to the Secretary/Treasurer whose email is listed on the main LAS page. Better yet, come to one of our monthly meetings at the IHop Restaurant, 2040 Ken Pratt Blvd. - we'd enjoy seeing you there!

Longmont Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 806
Longmont, CO 80502-0806 USA