M45 From Dark Skies

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A DSLR image of M45, The Pleiades, shot from the shores of Abiquiu Lake in NM during the new moon. Darker skies and an optic optimized for astronomy helped with the results, as well as a longer integration time than my previous effort on this target.


Canon 550D (astro-modified, clear glass filter)
Software Bisque MyT Mount
Stellarvue SVQ100 580mm f/5.8 Astrograph Refractor

Pixinsight Commercial Version 1.8
Lightroom CC

Light Frames:
28 x 480 secs (3 hrs 44 mins) @ ISO 800

Dark Frames:
10 x 480 secs (1 hr 20 mins) @ ISO 800

Bias Frames:
30 x 1/4000th sec

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Star Cluster