Longmont Astronomical Society Newsletters

Newsletters more recent than January 2018 are designed to be viewed like magazine that is as a two page view. In Adobe Acrobat go to the “View” menu and select “Page display two page scrolling”. In some web browser applications you may control-click (Mac) or right click (MS Windows) on the PDF viewer and select two page option from the pop up menu.

Datesort descending PDF file
March PDF icon 1987_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1987_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1987_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 1987_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 1987_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 1987_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1987_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1987_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 1987_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 1987_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 1988_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 1988_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 1988_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1988_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1988_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 1988_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 1988_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 1988_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1988_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1988_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 1988_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 1988_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 1989_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 1989_02_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1989_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1989_05_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 1989_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1989_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1989_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 1989_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 1989_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 1990_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 1990_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 1990_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1990_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1990_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 1990_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 1990_07_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1990_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1990_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 1990_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 1990_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 1991_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 1991_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 1991_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1991_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1991_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 1991_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 1991_07_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1991_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1991_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 1991_11_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
February PDF icon 1992_02_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1992_05_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 1992_07_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1992_09_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
February PDF icon 1993_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 1993_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1993_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1993_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 1993_06_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 1993_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1993_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1993_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 1993_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 1993_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 1994_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 1994_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 1994_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1994_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1994_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 1994_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 1994_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 1994_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1994_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1994_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 1994_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 1994_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 1995_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 1995_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 1995_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1995_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1995_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 1995_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 1995_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 1995_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1995_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1995_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 1995_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 1995_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 1996_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 1996_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 1996_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1996_04_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 1996_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 1996_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 1996_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1996_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1996_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 1996_11_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 1997_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 1997_02_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1997_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1997_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 1997_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 1997_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 1997_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1997_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1997_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 1997_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 1997_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 1998_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 1998_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 1998_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1998_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1998_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 1998_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 1998_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 1998_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1998_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1998_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 1998_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 1998_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 1999_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 1999_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 1999_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 1999_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 1999_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 1999_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 1999_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 1999_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 1999_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 1999_10_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 1999_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 2000_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 2000_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 2000_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 2000_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 2000_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 2000_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 2000_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 2000_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 2000_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 2000_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 2000_11_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 2001_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 2001_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 2001_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 2001_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 2001_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 2001_06_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 2001_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 2001_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 2001_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 2001_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 2001_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 2002_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 2002_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 2002_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 2002_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 2002_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 2002_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 2002_07_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 2002_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 2002_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 2002_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 2002_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon LAS_Jan03.pdf
February PDF icon LAS_Feb03.pdf
May PDF icon LAS_May03.pdf
June PDF icon LAS_Jun03.pdf
July PDF icon LAS_Jul03.pdf
August PDF icon LAS_Aug03.pdf
September PDF icon LAS_Sep03.pdf
October PDF icon LAS_Oct03.pdf
November PDF icon LAS_Nov03.pdf
December PDF icon LAS_Dec03.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon LAS_Jan04.pdf
February PDF icon LAS_Feb04.pdf
March PDF icon LAS_Mar04.pdf
April PDF icon LAS_Apr04.pdf
May PDF icon LAS_May04.pdf
August PDF icon LAS_Aug04.pdf
September PDF icon LAS_Sep04.pdf
October PDF icon LAS_Oct04.pdf
December PDF icon LAS_Dec04.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon LAS_Newsletter_Jan-05.pdf
February PDF icon LAS_Feb05.pdf
March PDF icon LAS_Mar05.pdf
April PDF icon LAS_Apr05.pdf
May PDF icon LAS_Newsletter_May-05.pdf
June PDF icon LAS_June05.pdf
July PDF icon LAS_Jul05.pdf
August PDF icon LAS_Aug05.pdf
September PDF icon LAS_Sep05.pdf
October PDF icon LAS_Oct05.pdf
November PDF icon LAS_Nov05.pdf
December PDF icon LAS_Dec05.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon LAS_Jan06.pdf
February PDF icon LAS_Feb06.pdf
March PDF icon LAS_Mar06.pdf
April PDF icon LAS_Apr06.pdf
May PDF icon LAS_May06.pdf
June PDF icon LAS_Jun06.pdf
July PDF icon LAS_Jul06.pdf
August PDF icon LAS_Aug06.pdf
September PDF icon Sept_2006_newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon October_2006_newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon November_2006.pdf
December PDF icon Dec_2006_newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon January_2007_newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon February_2007_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon March_2007_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon April_2007_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon May_2007_Newsletter_Addendum.pdf
June PDF icon June_2007_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon July_2007_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon August_2007_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon September_2007_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon Oct_2007_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon Nov_2007_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon December_2007_newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon Jan_2008_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon Feb_2008_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon Newsletter Mar 08.pdf
April PDF icon April Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 2008_May Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon Jun_2008_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon July 2008 newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon Aug_2008_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon Sept_2008_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon Oct_2008_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon Nov_2008_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon Dec_2008_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon Jan_2009_ Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon Feb_2009_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon March_2009_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon may2009.pdf
June PDF icon june 09 newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon July_2009_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon August2009 Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon Sept2009newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon Oct_2009_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon dec 09 Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon jan 2010 newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 2010_02_Newletter.pdf
March PDF icon 2010_03_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 2010_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 2010_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 2010_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 2010_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 2010_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 2010_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 2010_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 2010_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 2011_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 2011_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 2011_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 2011_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 2011_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 2011_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 2011_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 2011_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 2011_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 2011_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 2011_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 2011_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 2012_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 2012_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 2012_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 2012_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 2012_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 2012_06_Newletter.pdf
July PDF icon 2012_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 2012_0809_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 2012_11_newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 2012_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 2013_01_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 2013_03_Newletter.pdf
April PDF icon 2013_04_Newletter.pdf
May PDF icon 2013_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 2013_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 2013_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 2013_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 2013_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 2013_10_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 2014_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 2014_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 2014_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 2014_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 2014_05_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 2014_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 2014_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 2014_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 2014_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 2014_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 2014_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 2014_11_Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon 2014_12_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 2015_01_Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon 2015_02_Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon 2015_03_Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon 2015_04_Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon 2015_05_Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon 2015_06_Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon 2015_07_Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon 2015_08_Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 2015_09_Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon 2015_10_Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon 2015_11_Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon LAS-January2016-Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon LAS-February-2016-Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon LAS-March-2016-Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon LAS-April-2016-Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon LAS-May-2016-Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon LAS-June-2016-Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon LAS-July-2016-Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon LAS-2016-08-Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon LAS-2016-09-Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon LAS-2016-10-Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon LAS-2016-11-Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon LAS-2016-12-Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon LAS-2017-01-Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon LAS-2017-02-Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon LAS-2017-04-Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon LAS-2017-06-Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon LAS-2017-07-Newsletter.pdf
October PDF icon LAS-2017-10-Newsletter.pdf
November PDF icon LAS-2017-11-Newsletter.pdf
December PDF icon LAS-2017-12-Newsletter.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon LAS-2018-01-Newsletter.pdf
February PDF icon LAS-2018-02-Newsletter.pdf
March PDF icon LAS-2018-03-Newsletter.pdf
April PDF icon LAS-2018-04-Newsletter.pdf
May PDF icon LAS-2018-05-Newsletter.pdf
June PDF icon LAS-2018-06-Newsletter.pdf
July PDF icon LAS-2018-07-Newsletter.pdf
August PDF icon LAS-2018-08-Newsletter.pdf
September PDF icon 2018-09-LAS Newsletter-low-res.pdf
October PDF icon 2018-10-LAS Newsletter-low-res.pdf
November PDF icon 2018-11-LAS Newsletter-100ppi.pdf, PDF icon 2018-11-LAS Newsletter-218ppi.pdf
December PDF icon 2018-12-LAS Newsletter-100ppi.pdf, PDF icon 2018-12-LAS Newsletter-218ppi.pdf
Datesort descending PDF file
January PDF icon 2019-01-LAS Newsletter-100ppi.pdf, PDF icon 2019-01-LAS Newsletter-218ppi.pdf
February PDF icon 2019-02-LAS Newsletter-100ppi.pdf, PDF icon 2019-02-LAS Newsletter-218ppi.pdf