Sandstone Observatory Proposal

During the past year LAS has been working on a proposal to the City of Longmont, CO for construction of an observatory to be located at Sandstone Ranch Park just south of the visitor center parking area.  Below are the documents that have been submitted thus far.

Download a PDF file of the Sandstone Observatory Business Plan (108 KBtyes)

Download a PDF file containing all drawings for the Sandstone Observatory proposal (27 MBytes)

Download a PDF file of the Sandstone Observatory Cost Estimat (109 KBytes)

All drawings were created with SketchUp Pro software thanks to a generous grant from Trimble Navigation, LTD. The models used  to create these drawings utilizes various components from the Google Sketchup Warehouse which have been contributed by the following 3D Warehouse contributors.

Site Plan Model:

3D City People by Reallusion iClone
Tree by amilagroso

Control building model:

Computer mouse by jon
Light fixture - Ceiling, recessed, network, receptacle -GFI Duplex, switch single by DanYHKim
Office chair by gigi60
Office desk by Sketchyawat?
Phillips 19 in LCD Computer by Zandro
Standard qwerty keyboard by J-m@n
Smoke detector by 

Dome building model:

Bench wood high back by Sketchup
Broadleaf tree 4 by biebel
Door threshold by pg
Light fixture recessed, network
Woman by mago
nina 3D people by M