Powernewt f/2.8 Fast Reflector Astrograph For Sale


I am selling my Boren-Simon 8" f/2.8 Powernewt plus a number of extras. It has been a good scope for me. Primary reason for selling is that I need to collect some money for a new mount purchase. The OTA comes with the custom designed 0.73x reducer/corrector (designed specifically for this scope and sold by Boren-Simon with the OTA and originally manufactured by ASA) that converts it from an 800mm f/4 to a 568mm f/2.8. I also am including a new MPCC III coma corrector that lets the scope also operate at its native focal length and f/4 but with a fully corrected field.

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Almost new iEQ45Pro Mount with Tripod For Sale


I have one of the first iEQ45Pro mounts from iOPtron, received at the end of October. It has been a great mount, but I now have access to some remote observatory space so I have decided to buy a robotic mount that can be safely operated remotely, so my virtually new iEQ45Pro needs to be sold to help fund that purchase.

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LAS Meeting Nov 20 - Visual Astronomy 101 by Mike Hotka

Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 7:00pm
The presentation at the November 20th meeting will be “Visual Astronomy 101” by Mike Hotka. Mike's will share tips and discuss techniques he uses to decide what to observe, how to prepare for an observing outing, what to take with you when you go out, choosing where to go and what to do after returning home from the outing. The presentation will discuss many of the Astronomical League's Observing Programs that a beginning amateur can easily do as well as some of the more advanced programs.
Mike has been an amateur astronomer for many years and a member of LAS since 1995. During this time, Mike has earned many certificates completing Astronomical League Observing Programs. 
The meeting will be at the IHOP Restaurant, 2040 Ken Pratt Boulevard, Longmont, Please join us for  for coffee, dinner or just desert around 6 pm; The general meeting and presentation will begin at 7 pm.
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Current Aurora Forecast

 Current aurora forecast for the Northern Hemisphere from NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, Boulder, CO.


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